cat’s mother

In April, when my husband decided to present me a cat, I was on the seventh sky. Really, I was the happiest person. I have never had any pet. Well, not really. Three years ago my brother brought a kitten. Yoda. Dark blue Scottish straight. But I could not enjoy petting him for a long time because half a year after i moved to my future husband. Amd since the day I brought my stuff I began to beg for a cat. But my boyfriend/future husband was saying that he did not like cats. I insisted that he would love that little creature. Anyway. 

Only a year after we got married my husband gave up. I achieved my aim😹. We went to the neighborhood village and bought a cat. From the very beginning, I realized that it was my cat. Firstly, we were shown three little male kittens. I have them my hand to smell, and one of the kittens licked it. I was so happy I could barely hold my tears! Honestly, this was one of the best moments in my life. So, that day we brought little Legolas home.

Yes, his name is Legolas, or Lego. He is Scottish straight, just like Yoda. But Lego has lighter fur. Besides, he has bug pointy ears. Just like those wild cats. Unfortunately, I cannot recall how they are called. If you know, please, comment below😽

So, Legolas started to live with us. He came up to is every morning and purred. When summer came, he woke us up demanding to open a window so he can sit there and watch people passing by. 

Half a year passed and I decided to castrate Legolas. From the very beginning, I knew I would do that. I did not want my cat to become a father. Besides, he stays home all the time, so, it will be difficult to find a girlfriend. But as soon as I appointed a surgery at the vet’s, all my boy friends started to sympathize the cat saying that he would never be a man. For me, Lego will always be my little boy, my son, no matter whether he has ball or no. All in all its my decision. But now I feel sorry for having done that. I mean, my friends keep on telling me how awful I am. I really don’t know how to behave.

The last photo is how Legolas looked like the day he appeared in our lives. That day he was exactly two months😽


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