Changes and challenges

When i got obsessed with the idea of painting, I started to looking up for challenges to get myself motivated. I overestimated my desire and resources. Unfortunately. I firstly started with a huge 365 days challenge. Guess what? I finished it in three days😂

I wanted to continue. Well, I decided to continue it after a month. But I was stopped by the though that I would not manage it. I react on failures and changes. Its not only about changes in my hobbies, its more about changes in my head.

And the main problem is that I always promise myself to start doing anything the next Monday. Today is Friday. This time, I decided to start a small 30 days challenge. And again i decided to begin that sketching challenge from Monday. But! I also told myself that if not on Monday than on the first of September 😂😂😂

I would want to see what happens in three days. I am curious about that. Really I am. 

I always have “serious” reasons to postpone starring challenges. I tell myself that I am to busy, work and household take all my power. But deep in my heart I know that my “serious” reasons are social networks and laziness. That’s bad. If I want to achieve anything in this life, I have to work hard and strive forward. I have to. I CAN DO IT


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