Made By Hand 

When i was a small girl, i decided that creativity was my second name. Firstly, I was trying to sing. Then – dance. In a couple of years, my mother received my first book with verses about a little hedgehog. Then I receive my first Barbie. Oh, that doll had the best clothes ever. I was a super designer. But my mother did not think so. Maybe because I sacrificed my pants, blouses and underwear. Then I grew up. Well, not exactly. I was playing with that Barbie until 14. Yeah, for too long. When I decided that I was too old for Barbies because my classmates were already dating each other, I started writing. I decided to write a novel. This idea was the longest-lasting. But it faded away when I entered a university. I was too busy to spend time on hobbies. When I graduated I recalled all my hobbies and tried to figure put what I wanted to do. But this was postponed by my marriage😝 

Every day I thank whoever-is-up-there for my husband who lets me do everything I want. I wanted to start making accessories with polymer clay – be it that way. My husband bought me everything. Later, I wanted to start painting. He bought me watercolors, acrylic colors and all the stuff. Then, I wanted to learn sewing. He gifted me a sewing machine. So, now I am trying to finally figure out what I am here for.

I think its necessary. I know many people who do what they dislike and it is killing them from inside. My best friend always wanted to become a singer. She is passionate about stage and cheering crowd. But her mother made her become a teacher. “Because singers are not paid much. Besides, I am also a teacher” – was her arguments. Now, my friend hates her job.

Another friend of mine always wanted to become a manager. Not too prestige, but she adores to control everything and take responsibilities. Her mother did not allow her, having said that she was too stupid for this occupation. So my friend finished college, got pregnant and then married and now she is a housewife. She also hates her lifestyle. 

On one hand, they both are young to change their lives. On the other hand, both of my friends lost belief in themselves. They think that they are not worth their dream occupations. I am happy with my life. But I feel pain for my friends because they do not what they want to. And I cannot help them. Its killing.

Upd. When I was about to write this post, I wanted to show you how it all goes with my hobbies. But I ended up discussing how parents’ opinions can ruin lives of their children. Anyway I think this problem should be raised in any family. 

So, showing off:


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