I like going out with my friends. Its always a kind of holiday to me. I do not have many of them, just three close friends and my husband. These are people whom I can tell my sectors and be sure that they will keep it. They can also share their secrets with me, and I will keep them. You know, its good to have such people in your life with whom you can talk to 4 am and not feel sleepy. And you can trust them your life. I am lucky to have such people around me who fill my existence with laughter and joy

Two days ago, I gathered all my friends and we went to an Hinduism holiday – Holi. It has been organized by a local community of Krishnaites and yoga masters. It was funny though. Well, it seemed funny. 

There was a small concert with girls dancing and yogis were showing their bodies abilities. I recalled how I practiced yoga. In January 2014 I felt sharp pain in my stomach. I did not pay attention to that. Only in the evening I went to a hospital. The doctor examined me and said i had to undergo an appendicitis surgery. I was so scared! It was my first surgery every! I thought I would not survive o_O 

Anyway, the surgery was successful and I decided to do some sports. Due thwart problems, I could not do step aerobics or fitness, so I chose yoga. I chose yoga as sports, to keep my body fit and nice, but I did not choose yoga way of life. I did not refuse to drink alcohol, eat fat food or smoke. I mean, its not necessary to dive deep into that if you don’t see it as your life, your future.

But guys at the holiday thought the other way round. They thought that making others atop eating meat is a great idea. But it was funny. Just to make people laugh. They looked like clowns and I became embarrassed. I know that to teach someone something new, a teacher should show or explain well. They could have showed the use of healthy vegan food by completing master classes of cooking something new. Instead, they have chosen to sing a song called “I don’t eat a cow”. And you know what happened? People just laughed. That’s all. No other reaction but laughter. Embarrassing.


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