Welcome to my world, the world full of lazy creativity and writing

I am from Ukraine, the country of marvelous people and war. I live not far from war zone, but I don’t feel it. On one hand, it good because I do not wake in the middle of a night because of bombs. On the other hand, its quite scary because you realize how many people have already died so you can sleep peacefully.

Anyway, I live with my husband and kitten. I guess I will often post something about both of them because these two make me really happy.

I work as a freelance writer and home tutor. I don’t like speaking about my work, I like it more to do my job well. As a hobby, I paint with watercolor, walk or go out with my butterflies (that’s how I call my girl friends), watch TV series (I guess its difficult to find anyone who does not do that) and other unnecessary stuff. When its hot like hell, like this summer, I stay home spending the whole day doing some how stuff and refuse to go out. I am just an ordinary person except for the fact that i am lactose intolerant and afraid of dogs. Their size, breed or desire to lick me do not matter at all. Once I ran  for like fifty meters away because I was proposed to pet puppies who were three days old. THREE DAYS OLD, CARL! So yeah it’s a kind of uncomfortable especially of we take into account the fact that there is a bunch of homeless dogs in my town. And people look at me like “how dare you be scared of doggies and puppies? They are so damn cute” No they are not. 

I decided not to tell people about my fobia. Instead I tell that I am allergic to dogs saliva, hair or dandruff so I cannot even touch them or stay near them. Here’s another side of a medal. People try to comfort me and sympathize saying that I am a poor girl who cannot touch cuties. Anyway, people do not accept that some of us can be afraid or scared to death of things which are normal or cute to others.

Another accident happened like two months ago. I was walking back home, holding a pack of eggs and suddenly I saw a huge labrador running towards me. I asked his owner to stop the dog and I heard “He just wanna play with you”. Then I just freezed. I was never afraid so much in my life. Literally I could not move. I asked the owner again and this time that women tried to call for her pet. No reaction. I started to think how I could run away so the dog does not chase me. Finally the labrador understood that I was not a pretty toy to play and want off. Thanks god:)


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