cat’s mother

In April, when my husband decided to present me a cat, I was on the seventh sky. Really, I was the happiest person. I have never had any pet. Well, not really. Three years ago my brother brought a kitten. Yoda. Dark blue Scottish straight. But I could not enjoy petting him for a long time because half a year after i moved to my future husband. Amd since the day I brought my stuff I began to beg for a cat. But my boyfriend/future husband was saying that he did not like cats. I insisted that he would love that little creature. Anyway. 

Only a year after we got married my husband gave up. I achieved my aim😹. We went to the neighborhood village and bought a cat. From the very beginning, I realized that it was my cat. Firstly, we were shown three little male kittens. I have them my hand to smell, and one of the kittens licked it. I was so happy I could barely hold my tears! Honestly, this was one of the best moments in my life. So, that day we brought little Legolas home.

Yes, his name is Legolas, or Lego. He is Scottish straight, just like Yoda. But Lego has lighter fur. Besides, he has bug pointy ears. Just like those wild cats. Unfortunately, I cannot recall how they are called. If you know, please, comment below😽

So, Legolas started to live with us. He came up to is every morning and purred. When summer came, he woke us up demanding to open a window so he can sit there and watch people passing by. 

Half a year passed and I decided to castrate Legolas. From the very beginning, I knew I would do that. I did not want my cat to become a father. Besides, he stays home all the time, so, it will be difficult to find a girlfriend. But as soon as I appointed a surgery at the vet’s, all my boy friends started to sympathize the cat saying that he would never be a man. For me, Lego will always be my little boy, my son, no matter whether he has ball or no. All in all its my decision. But now I feel sorry for having done that. I mean, my friends keep on telling me how awful I am. I really don’t know how to behave.

The last photo is how Legolas looked like the day he appeared in our lives. That day he was exactly two months😽


Changes and challenges

When i got obsessed with the idea of painting, I started to looking up for challenges to get myself motivated. I overestimated my desire and resources. Unfortunately. I firstly started with a huge 365 days challenge. Guess what? I finished it in three days😂

I wanted to continue. Well, I decided to continue it after a month. But I was stopped by the though that I would not manage it. I react on failures and changes. Its not only about changes in my hobbies, its more about changes in my head.

And the main problem is that I always promise myself to start doing anything the next Monday. Today is Friday. This time, I decided to start a small 30 days challenge. And again i decided to begin that sketching challenge from Monday. But! I also told myself that if not on Monday than on the first of September 😂😂😂

I would want to see what happens in three days. I am curious about that. Really I am. 

I always have “serious” reasons to postpone starring challenges. I tell myself that I am to busy, work and household take all my power. But deep in my heart I know that my “serious” reasons are social networks and laziness. That’s bad. If I want to achieve anything in this life, I have to work hard and strive forward. I have to. I CAN DO IT

Made By Hand 

When i was a small girl, i decided that creativity was my second name. Firstly, I was trying to sing. Then – dance. In a couple of years, my mother received my first book with verses about a little hedgehog. Then I receive my first Barbie. Oh, that doll had the best clothes ever. I was a super designer. But my mother did not think so. Maybe because I sacrificed my pants, blouses and underwear. Then I grew up. Well, not exactly. I was playing with that Barbie until 14. Yeah, for too long. When I decided that I was too old for Barbies because my classmates were already dating each other, I started writing. I decided to write a novel. This idea was the longest-lasting. But it faded away when I entered a university. I was too busy to spend time on hobbies. When I graduated I recalled all my hobbies and tried to figure put what I wanted to do. But this was postponed by my marriage😝 

Every day I thank whoever-is-up-there for my husband who lets me do everything I want. I wanted to start making accessories with polymer clay – be it that way. My husband bought me everything. Later, I wanted to start painting. He bought me watercolors, acrylic colors and all the stuff. Then, I wanted to learn sewing. He gifted me a sewing machine. So, now I am trying to finally figure out what I am here for.

I think its necessary. I know many people who do what they dislike and it is killing them from inside. My best friend always wanted to become a singer. She is passionate about stage and cheering crowd. But her mother made her become a teacher. “Because singers are not paid much. Besides, I am also a teacher” – was her arguments. Now, my friend hates her job.

Another friend of mine always wanted to become a manager. Not too prestige, but she adores to control everything and take responsibilities. Her mother did not allow her, having said that she was too stupid for this occupation. So my friend finished college, got pregnant and then married and now she is a housewife. She also hates her lifestyle. 

On one hand, they both are young to change their lives. On the other hand, both of my friends lost belief in themselves. They think that they are not worth their dream occupations. I am happy with my life. But I feel pain for my friends because they do not what they want to. And I cannot help them. Its killing.

Upd. When I was about to write this post, I wanted to show you how it all goes with my hobbies. But I ended up discussing how parents’ opinions can ruin lives of their children. Anyway I think this problem should be raised in any family. 

So, showing off:


I like going out with my friends. Its always a kind of holiday to me. I do not have many of them, just three close friends and my husband. These are people whom I can tell my sectors and be sure that they will keep it. They can also share their secrets with me, and I will keep them. You know, its good to have such people in your life with whom you can talk to 4 am and not feel sleepy. And you can trust them your life. I am lucky to have such people around me who fill my existence with laughter and joy

Two days ago, I gathered all my friends and we went to an Hinduism holiday – Holi. It has been organized by a local community of Krishnaites and yoga masters. It was funny though. Well, it seemed funny. 

There was a small concert with girls dancing and yogis were showing their bodies abilities. I recalled how I practiced yoga. In January 2014 I felt sharp pain in my stomach. I did not pay attention to that. Only in the evening I went to a hospital. The doctor examined me and said i had to undergo an appendicitis surgery. I was so scared! It was my first surgery every! I thought I would not survive o_O 

Anyway, the surgery was successful and I decided to do some sports. Due thwart problems, I could not do step aerobics or fitness, so I chose yoga. I chose yoga as sports, to keep my body fit and nice, but I did not choose yoga way of life. I did not refuse to drink alcohol, eat fat food or smoke. I mean, its not necessary to dive deep into that if you don’t see it as your life, your future.

But guys at the holiday thought the other way round. They thought that making others atop eating meat is a great idea. But it was funny. Just to make people laugh. They looked like clowns and I became embarrassed. I know that to teach someone something new, a teacher should show or explain well. They could have showed the use of healthy vegan food by completing master classes of cooking something new. Instead, they have chosen to sing a song called “I don’t eat a cow”. And you know what happened? People just laughed. That’s all. No other reaction but laughter. Embarrassing.


Welcome to my world, the world full of lazy creativity and writing

I am from Ukraine, the country of marvelous people and war. I live not far from war zone, but I don’t feel it. On one hand, it good because I do not wake in the middle of a night because of bombs. On the other hand, its quite scary because you realize how many people have already died so you can sleep peacefully.

Anyway, I live with my husband and kitten. I guess I will often post something about both of them because these two make me really happy.

I work as a freelance writer and home tutor. I don’t like speaking about my work, I like it more to do my job well. As a hobby, I paint with watercolor, walk or go out with my butterflies (that’s how I call my girl friends), watch TV series (I guess its difficult to find anyone who does not do that) and other unnecessary stuff. When its hot like hell, like this summer, I stay home spending the whole day doing some how stuff and refuse to go out. I am just an ordinary person except for the fact that i am lactose intolerant and afraid of dogs. Their size, breed or desire to lick me do not matter at all. Once I ran  for like fifty meters away because I was proposed to pet puppies who were three days old. THREE DAYS OLD, CARL! So yeah it’s a kind of uncomfortable especially of we take into account the fact that there is a bunch of homeless dogs in my town. And people look at me like “how dare you be scared of doggies and puppies? They are so damn cute” No they are not. 

I decided not to tell people about my fobia. Instead I tell that I am allergic to dogs saliva, hair or dandruff so I cannot even touch them or stay near them. Here’s another side of a medal. People try to comfort me and sympathize saying that I am a poor girl who cannot touch cuties. Anyway, people do not accept that some of us can be afraid or scared to death of things which are normal or cute to others.

Another accident happened like two months ago. I was walking back home, holding a pack of eggs and suddenly I saw a huge labrador running towards me. I asked his owner to stop the dog and I heard “He just wanna play with you”. Then I just freezed. I was never afraid so much in my life. Literally I could not move. I asked the owner again and this time that women tried to call for her pet. No reaction. I started to think how I could run away so the dog does not chase me. Finally the labrador understood that I was not a pretty toy to play and want off. Thanks god:)